Pre-Schooling Enhances a Child’s Development

If you want to make it easier for a child to attend kindergarten and elementary school, it is a good idea to enroll him or her in a pre-school program first. By taking this initiative, you will find that your child will more easily adapt when he or she finally enters kindergarten.

You can start the pre-school process when a child is as young as an infant. Maybe you would like him or her to go to pre school in Bangkok when he or she is two or three. Whenever you make a decision, you will find that starting him or her out early in a schooling curriculum is good for his or her overall development.

Consider the Following Criteria

When making a pre-school choice, you need to consider the following:

  • The location of the school. Is it close and convenient to where you live or work? Maybe you work a distance from home. If so, you may want to choose a pre-school that is closer to where you work. You should have close access to your child when he or she is enrolled in this type of facility.
  • The number of students. You do not want to enroll your child in a school that has a surfeit of students in each of the classes. Otherwise, your child will not receive the one-on-one care that he or she needs. Make sure that the teacher-to-student ratio is reasonable.
  • The types of activities. Ask what you three-year-old will be doing during the day. Most pre-school activities are play activities done so children learn to develop and socialize in the right way.
  • The demeanor of the staff. Are the teachers friendly and supportive? See how they interact and engage with the students. If you notice any teachers that are too harsh or seem to have an attitude problem, you should steer clear from the school. Children should feel safe and happy around their teachers or a pre-school staff.
  • The hours. You need to learn the programs that are featured and what hours are available. Some students involve themselves in part-time programs whilst other students may involve themselves in a curriculum full-time three days per week. Make sure that the hours coordinate with your own schedule and the specific needs of your child.

Know What to Expect

Once you review a program and the above-mentioned criteria, you can get a better understanding of what to expect. Pre-school programs should be committed to communication. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can receive the input you need from the teacher. How is your child progressing? Does he or she have certain needs that need to be addressed? If you cannot communicate clearly with a teacher, you need to find another program for your child.

Make a Difference in Your Child’s Life Early

You can make a big difference in a child’s life when you enroll him or her in a pre-school program. Look online at your options today in your local community. That is the best place to start if you want to ensure the continual development and health of your child.